Call for Contributions: From Page to Practice – Remote Learning

Given the current situation, I have decided to suspend the From Page to Practice schedule until things are back to normal, whenever that may be and whatever that may look like.

Instead of my published schedule I am going to go with the flow in terms of what episodes I release, picking books and other texts that seem useful and relevant at the time.

To start us off, I would like the first of these unscheduled episodes to be on remote learning. I am going to start making a list of the texts out there that you might be reading about remote learning, if you’ve read any of them (or any others) and would like to share what you have learned and plan to try out then please get in touch.

Selected reading from the Chartered College of Teaching (plenty here to work with!)

TES article by Mark Enser

Blog post also by Mark Enser

Daisy Christodoulou blog

Distance learning – building independence

Distance learning through the lens of disadvantaged pupils

Teaching in extraordinary times

Making every distance lesson count

You can also use the form below to submit ideas for the rest of these unscheduled episodes. Remember, the podcast is From Page to Practice, so the gist of the episode must be based on something that has been read and applied to current practice.

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