CTeach Pilot – Complete

The launch day for the first full Chartered Teacher cohort, the weekend following our final deadline, seems like a very appropriate day to be writing a post reflecting on the last fourteen months. The realisation that it’s all over only really hit this morning when I realised I didn’t need to work on my research project, I had no other assignments coming up and tweets started appearing from new participants. The programme has been pretty full-on, so I guess I’ll have to find something else to fill my time!

At the start of the programme we were asked to do a self-evaluation against the Chartered Teacher Professional Principles. We haven’t had to do another evaluation as part of the assessment, but I chose to complete the assessment again this week and I was pleased with what the programme has done for me, especially in terms of my confidence.

Here is a quick summary of the highlights as far as I’m concerned:

  • I’ve started #MFLChat which has grown from strength to strength. Every week I have the privilege of sharing with and learning from a great group of MFL teachers. The even better part is that now they’re taking on the hosting too and we have a great range of people with different roles and levels of experience. Without CTeach I’d have felt like a fraud starting this up and maintaining it for as long as it’s been going so far.
  • I’ve engaged with a range of evidence informed MFL-specific CPD thanks to #CCTLangs. This isn’t actually related to CTeach, but I think I might have been less motivated to attend so many events if it wasn’t for certain goals I’d set for myself on my Professional Development Plan.
  • I’m a lot more aware of different assessment types and what makes good assessment thanks to @DSGhataura and his multiple choice assessment that we loved to hate. Certainly one of the most challenging parts of the course, but also hugely satisfying at the end.
  • As #WomenEd would put it, I’ve definitely become #10percentbraver. Last June I was invited by @JudeHunton to speak at ResearchEd Rugby where I presented on engaging with research as a MFL teacher. Well, this only turned out to be the beginning of something. I then volunteered to lead an intro to Education Research session for ITT students, asked to present at the Association for Language Learning Essex and East Anglia branch conference (and join their committee) and get invited back to Rugby to speak again. Without CTeach I’d never have had the confidence to accept any of these opportunities.
  • I have a much clearer idea of where I see my career heading. I know now that what I really want to do is be involved in building and maintaining a research-engaged environment in school, and a role such as a research lead is exactly what I’m aiming for (thank you to everyone who answered my recent plea for infomation on that sort of role).

Overall, the CTeach programme has made me think more, question more, try new things and reflect even more than I was before. It has undoubtedly changed my approach, renewed my positivity for what I do and made me #10percentbraver with a new sense of ambition.

To the team at the Chartered College, thank you. I look forward to continuing to work with you during my remaining time on the council (which is actually swiftly running out!) and whatever comes next.

To the new CTeach cohort, good luck! I said everything I want to say to you in the message below that you’ll find in your handbook. I hope you get as much from the next 14 months as I have done from the last 14!

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