Family Christmas Quiz

Yesterday I offered to share the quiz I was making for my family to do via Kahoot and Zoom over Christmas. An amazing amount of people responded!

This spurred me on, so rather than wait as planned my fiancé and I spent the whole evening on it.

The resulting quiz is here: it uses some premium Kahoot features but anyone can play it, the only thing you can’t do is edit unless you have a premium subscription.

I used Kahoot! and Zoom all through the first lockdown to do family quizzes, but I just thought I’d better put this post together for anyone that hasn’t done this before.

So everyone needs to be on a video call that allows you to share your screen (we’ll use zoom and just re-connect when the 40min time limit runs out). On a separate device they need to either have the Kahoot app or use their internet browser to connect to Kahoot. This means that when you share your screen they will see the questions on the Zoom call and will use the other device to respond. The only person that needs a (free) Kahoot account is the host. You will be the one sharing your screen and advancing the questions. Everyone else follows the instructions on screen to log in.
That’s really all there is to it!

I really hope this can be of use to lots of people, so please share far and wide!

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