Goodbye From Page to Practice

As some of you may know from Twitter/Instagram I will be stepping away from the classroom at Christmas. I’ll be remaining in education but given that I won’t be teaching any more a number of things are going to change. One of those things is that I will be stopping From Page to Practice. I feel that if I’m no longer teaching it’s not really my space any more.

After over 50 successful episodes and approaching 60,000 downloads I’m satisfied that From Page to Practice has done what it set out to do. 

To round off the podcast I have two more episodes in the pipeline, and I need your support to make them a success.

The penultimate episode will be a Pick’n’Mix using the content I have remaining. That’ll be from What Every Teacher Needs to Know, How Teaching Happens and Culture Rules. I have 5 contributions in total so I will just put those together. If you want to send anything else please let me know. I intend to release this on the 11th of December.

The final episode will be a celebration of the podcast and all things reading for CPD. I’d like to hear from authors and readers with their thoughts on the importance of reading, their favourite edubooks and what they have enjoyed about the podcast. I intend to release this on New Year’s Eve, my last official employed day as a teacher! Plenty of time if you want to get involved, but please let me know so I can send you the details!

Thank you to all who have supported the podcast in this time. I look forward to staying in touch in different ways as I step out of the classroom and into pastures new!

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