MFL Chat – Returning in September!

I’m incredibly pleased to be able to say that #MFLTwitterati Chat will be returning in September thanks to the incredible people that have volunteered to host chats. I thought it was really important to get some other voices out there and after a slow-ish start I have had loads of responses. We are going to be discussing everything from target language use to cultural values, careers to using picture books in KS2&3. We have filled up every slot until Christmas, it’s quite amazing.

If you’re interested in hosting a chat, all you need to do is contact me and I’ll let you have the guidance document and the rota to sign up.

First chat will be hosted by me on Wednesday 5th September and we will be talking about our new academic year resolutions and the routines we establish in our classrooms.

Now the pressure is off of me to host every week I hope to be able to do a better blog summary than I had been able to provide before which I hope will help to continue the discussions past 9pm.

We need a new hashtag so that the chat can easily be found later, without the usual #MFLTwitterati tweets in between. I’m not creative so have only come up with #MFLChat, any suggestions?

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