MFL CPD Library – Coaching – Silvia Bastow

Silvia is Head of Languages, SLE for MFL and Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. She tweets here and has a website here.

She says the following about this resource:

We are using coaching within our department with regular briefings (15 mins) on Thursday and Friday am – this is then followed up by instructional coaching – 1 protected period every fortnight – identified strategy discussed with individual teachers.

On Thursday am, the Subject leader (me) models one of our identified departmental high fives and on Friday staff uses deliberate practice to practice the method/strategy.

The modelling by the subject leader is either in person or can be pre-recorded (the attached is pre-recorded – live modelling of co-construction model) – where the teachers act as students (voices on the recording are not students). Teachers then actively practice the strategy themselves using the rest of a team as a ‘class’.

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