My #Teacher5aday pledge 2020

I don’t think I actually wrote a #Teacher5aday pledge last year, so there’s nothing to look back on this time. In terms of this year, here’s what I pledge:


I’ve been volunteering with AgeUK now for maybe even two years. I make a 20-30 minute call to my telephone friend every week. It’s really easy and I enjoy doing it. I going to continue doing this throughout this year.

Maybe I’ll try and combine this one with exercise below and volunteer at Park Run…


I ran a couple of park runs this year but didn’t keep it going and I’ve not been to the gym since before we moved house in mid-November… I’ve just changed gyms to one that’s got totally new facilities coming this month and there’s a pool, which I really missed at my old gym. Hopefully this will make me commit to it a bit more!


Having started From Page to Practice in September this year, it has already given me the opportunity to connect with a wider range of people than I would’ve thought possible. I’ve been so pleased with the amount of people who have contacted me to contribute to the podcast, as well as the amazing response from the authors of the books that have been featured so far. My aim for the podcast in 2020 is to continue to connect with as many people as possible. I want more people listening and I especially want an even wider range of participants – different career stages, age groups, subjects and contexts.


I think From Page to Practice covers this one nicely. The amount of books I’m going to have to read to put the podcast together means I’ll be learning a lot. In particular though, I’ll be learning from the teachers that come on the podcast to talk about how they are applying what they have read to their practice.

I’m also learning about putting the podcast together, how I can do that better and the opportunities that might bring me.


I used to be really into photography, I’ve got a great camera and various lenses but now they just sit dormant. I even bought my new phone specifically becuase of the camera. My plan is to notice things more by getting out and spenidng more time taking more photographs.

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