From Page to Practice.

From page to practice is a podcast focusing on the application of educational reading in the classroom. Most episodes feature a contribution from the author of the selected text, followed by a number of readers contributing their reflections on the text and most importantly how they have applied it in their practice.

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Interested in Contributing to From Page to Practice?

If you’re interested in contributing to From Page to Practice, you’re in the right place! It’s so easy to take part and the podcast simply wouldn’t exist without readers/listeners just like you.

Who can take part? Anyone. It doesn’t matter what your role is in education, how many years experience you have, the context you work in etc. So far we have had everything from pre-ITT to MAT leadership. The variety is what really makes the podcast what it is.

What should I talk about? In your recording you should introduce yourself, tell us about you and your link to education, include your Twitter / Instagram handle if you would like to. Then tell us a bit about your favourite part of the book, just briefly as usually the author will have given an overview. Now comes the important part, tell us about how what you have read has been applied to your practice. Did the author suggest a particular strategy that has worked well? Have you adapted something you read to fit your own class/subject? Has the book saved you time? Made you feel more confident? We want to hear about it.

How do I record? Using a smartphone is absolutely fine, I don’t need you to record on a special mic or anything like that. But I do have some tips for making sure you send me the best recording possible:

  • Use an app like Rode Reporter (iOS) or Rec Forge (Andriod) so that you can share the recording easily. It also allows you to record in WAV or MP3 which are ideal.
  • Record in a carpeted room that has as many soft furnishings as possible! If you can’t do this, as strange as it may sound, I have once recorded facing into a pair of curtains!
  • Hold your phone just under your chin.
  • Don’t speak directly into the microphone.
  • Test it out before you do the whole thing, listen back to a test recording and check you don’t sound fuzzy or hear any horrible ‘pop’ sounds. We can work with these when we have to, but it’s much nicer if they’re just not there in the first place!
  • Try to sound natural, generally it’s better when you’re speaking off of bullet points as opposed to a script. Work out what’s best for you.
  • Don’t worry about ums, ahhs and pauses. I’ll cut them out for you later on if I can.
  • Enjoy! You’re sharing about a book you enjoyed and you’re about to help out more people who are listening, thank you so much!

And once it’s recorded? Send it to me. DM me on Twitter or Instagram and I will give you my email address. It may well be too big for an email so here are some alternative options:

  • WeTransfer – free, no account required.
  • AirDrop – if you are using an Apple device it will likely suggest this for you.
  • Dropbox – account required
  • Google Drive – account required
  • One Drive – account required