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From Page to Practice and Learning Linguist Crafts are pleased to be offering for sale the Professional Development Journal. This journal has been developed by me, a teacher, with teachers in mind and gathering feedback from teachers at every stage.

What I felt was missing from the teacher stationery market was a scaffolded way to reflect upon professional development activities and ensure these activities have impact upon teaching practice. I wanted to make something for myself and whilst I was doing so I realised this might be something others were interested, so the Professional Development Journal was born…

Feedback from teachers has included:


Wow – this looks great! I especially like the space allowed for recording the names/themes of CPD resources, and the pages provided for recording reactions/responses to CPD activities.
I’d definitely reccommend it to colleagues.


I think it looks great and think I'd personally really benefit from something like this.


Layout is very clear and encourages reflection without being too complex


Looks very accessible - clear, and I think it will be useful to have something that helps you focus on one thing at a time.


It is well set out with good questions that aren’t too prescriptive. Easy to use for a variety of people.


Like the focus on why!


Helpful prompts to ensure goals are meaningful.


Excellent, clear layout that encourages reflection on key takeaways but wouldn’t put me off actually using the journal.


I think this looks like something that could really be useful in terms of helping people (e.g. me! ) manage their PD... It's so easy to want to try and listen to/read/follow everyone and everything, and having something like this might be helpful in guiding people to be more thoughtful about what they want to focus on this term/year. Because it has a sort of 'next steps' type section there's the reassurance that one doesn't have to (or indeed, shouldn't) try and do everything at once.

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See the journal here:

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Photos of the hardback journals

Photos of the softback journals


  • Space for 3 goals as well as mid-year reviews and end of year evaluation.
  • Resource pages to list books, podcasts, blogs and networks.
  • 50 double page spreads for reflecting on professional development activities.
  • Double page spread for planning ahead to the next year.
  • 26 free notes pages.
  • The A4 version offers up to 50% more lines for writing than the A5.

Technical detail: All journals are printed in colour, double sided on 120gsm paper. Journals are wirebound in silver. Softback journals have a 300gsm matte laminated cover, hardback covers are also matte laminated.

Ready to purchase?

Individual orders are now closed.

However, if you are interested in ordering multiple copies for whole departments/schools then please drop me a message via the Contact Me page as this can be arranged.