Adding a splash of colour to my Positive Teacher Company academic diary.

Yesterday I did something that I didn’t think was particularly innovative or interesting.

But when I posted them I got lots of comments and messages asking how I did them. So, I’ll be honest, most of what I did is already explained on The Positive Teacher Company Youtube on the video about making your own pupil focus page. I also had a go at that and a few other planner bits:

So I have no intention of repeating instructions here that have already been done so well via video. However, I will let you know the dimensions I used and post a template here should you just want to download it and go with it!

If you want to download and use mine, or edit the pictures as per the video instructions, go ahead here:

If you just want the dimensions I used, all I did was use a ruler you lazy people! Haha, I don’t mean it! They’re rough, but they worked fine. Here they are:

  • Goals boxes – 5cm x 4cm
  • ‘Top 3 boxes’ – 3cm x 6.2cm
  • Word/song of the month – 2.2cm x 6.5cm
  • Important events/reminders – 3cm x 13cm
  • Bottom 3 boxes – 1cm x 12cm

If you have a go at this, please share the post so that others can try too!

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