The Chartered Teacher Pilot – two thirds complete!

Seeing as the applications are now open for the next cohort of potential Chartered Teachers I thought it would be a good time to blog about my experience so far.

The CTeach programme so far has been the most challenging but yet the most fulfilling CPD I have had the opportunity to take part in. I say this as someone who has completed a Masters in eduction and regularly attends events such as ResearchEd. I have loved it. So, what’s been so great?

The range of assessment types

The CTeach programme is such a unique programme because of the variety of assessments. There are regular journal entries, a Professional Development Plan, an in-line debate, an Impact portfolio, a video portfolio, a multiple choice assessment and a research project. Not forgetting the written and oral exams and the Oral Situational Task. Never have I felt tested in so many different ways and found it so satisfying!

The personalisation of the course

So much of the programme is directed by my needs and interests, with the exception of a few core elements that everyone does in the same way. It’s really given me the chance to explore what I am interested in and what I feel will be useful in my own practice. The course is made to fit really well with teaching and so it doesn’t feel like a terrible amount of extra work. It’s actually been really enjoyable.

The opportunities

Taking part in the CTeach programme has definitely opened up more opportunities for me. Not necessarily that I’ve been asked because of my involvement in the programme but because it has given me the confidence to put myself forward for things because I feel that I might actually have something to add. I’ve spoken at a ResearchEd event, delivered training at an ITT induction, volunteered to lead a Drive Team at school and decided to run for election to the Chartered College Council. I’m certain I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do these things before.

The possibilities

Of course, I don’t know what might come of becoming a Chartered Teacher, as long as I pass phase three, but I’m excited about what might come my way as a result. But if nothing else, I’ve had a great time and the programme will certainly have made a lasting difference to my teaching.

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