The return of From Page to Practice

I’m hoping to bring From Page to Practice back to your ears in Summer 2023. But to do it I’ll need your help.

The core theme remains the same, talking about applying educational reading to classroom practice. But now, rather than basing each episode on a different book I’d like to have conversations with teachers about their reading.

I hope to speak to teachers from a wide range of contexts. From new teachers to the more experienced, from early years to sixth form, Science to DT.

So, what would we talk about? This is by no means an exhaustive list but this is the kind of thing I’m envisiging:

  • Do you have a favourite edu-book or blog? 
  • How have you applied things you have read to your practice? 
  • What is it about reading for CPD that you enjoy or think is important?
  • What is the culture for CPD like in your school? How do you build this?
  • What does ‘evidence-informed’ mean to you?

As ever, the podcast won’t exist without you! Everyone has something valid to say, let’s just chat about reading. If you fancy it, sign up here and I’ll be in touch.

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