Why should I join in with #PagePracticePodcast?

I am writing this post because I need you. Teachers from all phases, subjects, contexts and years of experience. Without your voices, From Page to Practice is absolutely nothing. I’m just the one that weaves all the great contributions together. I know some of you are nervous about contributing to a podcast because it’s something you’ve never done before. So I wanted to put this collection of tweets together to show you why you should get involved.

I’m so pleased to have been able to give the opportunity to such a range of people, only one of whom I know outside of the edutwitter bubble. What’s been great too is the reaction from authors, they love to hear what teachers have made of their books.

If you want to take part it’s really easy. I give you some guidelines of what to include, an app to download to record with on your phone and some pointers for recording well. You do your best and we make it into the final polished product later! The great thing is there is no pressure as it’s not an interview, you can do as many takes as you like at your own pace!

My current schedule is here and you can fill in the form if you want, or better, just DM me @BexN91 on Twitter.

Please, get involved!

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